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Nurturing Resilience: A dialogue with Kathy L Kain

Episode Summary

This episode is an in-depth dialogue with Kathy L. Kain, on somatic psychotherapy for patients suffering the effects of developmental and complex trauma. Kathy recently co-authored a groundbreaking new book on this topic titled Nurturing Resilience.

Episode Notes

This episode features an in-depth dialogue with Kathy L. Kain, on how to work somatically and psychotherapeutically with patients suffering the effects of developmental trauma and complex trauma. Kathy has recently co-authored a groundbreaking book on this topic titled, Nurturing Resilience. Kathy generously explicates the mechanisms of developmental traumatic experiences and their manifestation in adulthood as complex trauma syndromes, somatic shame, and personality disorders. She also shares psychological and affective neuroscience research on trauma, and outlines a roadmap for integrating somatic skills with traditional psychotherapy.

Kathy L. Kain is an expert in integrating touch into the practice of psychotherapy and trauma recovery, with 37 years of clinical experience. She is a senior instructor of Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and spends most of her time training psychotherapists in the physiology of traumatic stress through her popular program, Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists

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