Groundless Ground Podcast

Beyond Distraction

Episode Summary

If you are interested in mindfulness and Buddhist approaches for focus, clarity, and wise action, this episode is for you! Buddhist teacher Shaila Catherine explicates her five-step method for cultivating greater focus, clarity, and wise action.

Episode Notes

This episode features a rich, in-depth dialogue with Buddhist teacher and author Shaila Catherine on her new book, Beyond Distraction: Five Practical Ways to Focus the MindUsing a Theravada Buddhist approach for cultivating focus, clarity, and wise action, Shaila offers an effective five-step method for changing distorted, habitual thoughts: 1) replace unwanted thoughts; 2) examine the dangers of distracting thoughts; 3) avert distraction; 4) investigate the causes of distraction; and 5) exert dedicated resolve. This informative and enlightening conversation will be of great benefit to anyone seeking a focused, clear mind and also mental health professionals who favor top-down interventions. It was a great honor to spend time with Shaila, a Buddhist teacher and consummate practitioner, whom I respect and admire.